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 COVID-19 Update


With respect to the health of our community, our customers, our staff and our families, Skagit Roofing will stand down from engaging in roof replacements and work only at limited capacity to provide estimates and emergency service work for our customers.

 Skagit Roofing will provide bids while working within safe operating practices to guard our community from Covid-19 as defined by the State of Washington. Through satellites and other technologies, we have developed no-contact methods to estimate jobs with aerial imaging of your roof,  photo sharing, and communicating with you, our valued customers, via phone, text, email, and Facebook  messaging. 

 We've used the motto "Safety First" for many years, but in the era COVID-19 it takes a whole new meaning.   On March 28, 2020, we celebrated our 30-year anniversary of the founding of Skagit Roofing.  We could never have imagined a challenge such as the one we all now face. Yet, we are determined to continue to serve our community in these difficult times. 


We hope many of you can stay  home today, to ensure a brighter tomorrow. And to our brave doctors, nurses, medical workers, first  responders, grocery workers, truck drivers and other essential personnel on the frontlines, Team Skagit Roofing says THANK YOU! 


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